Motobilt Jeep JL Spare Tire Carrier Installation

  • by Dan DuBose
Motobilt Jeep JL Spare Tire Carrier Installation

Remove the spare tire.

Remove the inner plastic panel on the back of the tail gate.

Remove the small plastic panel and use a #45 torx bit to remove the brake light retaining screw.  The tail light will need to be removed in order to install the wiring for the MB2115 tag relocation kit and LD-PL6 tag light kit.

Remove the 3 tie down bolts, floor panel, and then the speakert panel so that you can access the tail gate hinge bolts.

Remove the tail light assembly and set to the side.

The tail gate hinge brackets are hidden behind tape mask.  Simply cut and peel this barrier back and completely remove.  This will expose the upper and lower hinge brackets.

Disconnect the wiring from the tailgate to the tub.  Remove the factory tail gate catch as this will no longer be used.  We have built in a stop into the tire carrier.  

Next remove the 6 bolts holding the upper and lower hinge to the Jeep.  Be sure secure the tailgate as you remove these bolts.

Remove the tailgate and place on your work surface.  Remove the 4 tail gate hinge bolts using a #55 torx bit.

When removed.


Next un-bolt the factory tire carrier from the tailgate.  Disconnect the camera mount wiring.

Take this time to clean up the surface of your tail gate.  These vents will also be used as the point to pass your tag light wiring through. Be sure to remove the rubber stops also.

With the tire carrier removed use a torx bit to remove the two screws shown on the camera mount.

With the screws removed you can separate the camera mount from the wheel studs.

With the camera mount disassembled you can use a torx bit to remove the 3 screws holding the camera to the mount.  The new camera/tag mount includes 3 screws that are slightly bigger so the factory camera mount holes will have to be drilled to 1/8 inch.

You can disassemble the third brake light assembly to access the end of the wiring or simply cut the wire as we are going to splice it back into our new brake light kit.

Below you can see the factory connectors that are used with the camera.

We provide 2 tailgate hinge plates to cover the part of your factory tail gate hinge.  You can paint these to match your Jeep or your tire carrier.

Place the 2 plates onto the tailgate.

Now place the Motobilt Jeep JL Spare Tire Carrier onto the tailgate.  Using the factory bolts lightly install each into the tailgate.  Do not tighten them yet as you will need to be able to adjust for alignment.

We send 4 longer Allen head bolts that will be used where the factory tailgate hinges bolted to the tailgate.

Using the provided bushings install them into the new tail gate hinge brackets along with the metal sleeves.

The bushings have tight tolerances, so we chose to use this adjustable sliding bar clamp to press them together.

We provide 3 triangular shaped shims to be used on the bottom tailgate hinge.  The number of shims used will be dependent on the size and weight of your spare tire.

These shims will be placed on the bottom tail gate hinge bracket and bolted between the bracket and the Jeep.  A simple trick is to use a dab of axle grease between the shims and the brackets to hold it in place.

Reuse the factory tail gate hinge bracket bolts to attach the new hinges to the Jeep.  Do not torque the bolts yet as you will need them loose to make any adjustments.

This is how the hinges should look when installed.

Now place the tire carrier and tail gate assembly onto the hinges and install the greaseable bolts.  

Carefully check the tailgate as you close it for clearance.  You may need to make some adjustments before you torque the bolts down.  Also, it is typical for the tail gate to sit higher on the driver's side during assembly until the full weight of the tire is installed.

With any and all adjustments made you can snug down the bolts.  You man need to loosen these and make further adjustments once the weight of the tire is on the carrier.

Next the tire carrier mounts can be assembled.  Attach using the 6 provided grade 8 bolts.  There are multiple positions based on the size of your tire.

With your spare tire laying face now take a flat edge and run it across the tire as shown.  Next measure from the wheel mounting surface to the edge.

Bolt the tire carrier mount to the main carrier and adjust the mount to be slightly less than the measurement you made with the tire and the flat edge.  The reason you want it to be slightly less is so when the tire is bolted to the carrier it applies slight pressure against the carrier. Be sure to torque all the fasteners.

Next you can attach the spare tire and final check your alignment.  Depending on the weight of your setup you may need to remove one of the 3 shims.

We highly suggest using our Motobilt Jeep JL Spare Tire Tag Relocation Kit With Camera Mount.  Also be sure to use our third brake light / tag light kit too. Instructions for wiring the third brake light can be found by clicking here!

The factory camera will have to be modified in order to work with our carrier if you are not planning on using our tag/camera relocation kit.   Instructions for mounting the MB2115 Available soon.

Click Here for a downloadable version that can be printed!






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