Motobilt Jerry Can Holder

By: Dan DuBose | Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Motobilt Jerry Can Holder
Its a cold rainy night and you are stuck out in the woods because you ran out of gas! Don't be that person. Get yourself a Jerry can and mount it to your rig with the new Motobilt Jerry Can Holder! The Motobilt Jerry Can Holder is made out of 1/8" thick high strength steel that is laser cut and CNC formed for a perfect fit. The mount comes raw steel so that you can weld down and then paint it. Also if you prefer to bolt it down we offer holes on the bottom, back and both sides to give you versatility. When designing the mount we wanted to make sure it could be secured safely. You can actually use a pad lock with this mount! With the use of the Amada laser, we were able lighten up the mount as much as possible while maintaining superior strength. Feel secure in the fact that the Motobilt Jerry Can Holder was designed to safely hold your fuel container! The Motobilt Jerry Can Holder may be just the item to keep you wheeling on the trails instead of walking!

  • Mar 14, 2017
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