Motobilt New YJ Build Media Gallery

The New Motobilt YJ Build

The New Motobilt YJ build has BEGUN. We've already received complimentary wheels courtesy of Raceline Wheels. Which you can see here

As the Media Guy, I will be cataloguing this build in its various stages. Be sure to check this page often, as I will be updating it with images and video throughout.

This build is going to change some things, don't doubt me on that. Many new products for Jeep YJ will be prototyped and tested, and all you YJ lovers out there will see some products you're gonna wanna get your hands on. 

Quick Links: The First Cut | Grindage | Activites | Opps | Fabrication is Underway | Slicing, Dicing and STRETCHING | Killer Corners | Rollin' On | Stretched Boatsides | Armor UP! | Taking Shape

Taking Shape

Armor UP!

Stretched Boatsides

Rollin' On

Killer Corners


Slicing, Dicing and STRETCHING


Fabrication is Underway!



Activities & Cool Things


Grilles & Grindage

Grinding the grille for custom fitment. MORE SPARKS!


The First Cut is the Deepest

Bender begins cutting on the frame, getting ready to prototype new products and get the ball rolling.