52" LED Light Bar Mount for Jeep TJ / LJ

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The Motobilt LED Light Bar Mount was designed with both form and function in mind. This 52 inch LED light bar mount works with LED Light bars measuring 52 inch wide at the mounting points. The mounting brackets were 3D CAD designed to fit close to the windshield frame without touching it. The only contact points are on the windshield hinge. The mounts are CNC laser cut from 3/16 inch high strength steel plate and then formed on a hydraulic press brake. The material used to fabricate the mounts is the exact same material used to make rocker guards and comp corners for ultimate protection. The Motobilt LED light bar mounts not only mount light bars they also provide protection to the windshield frame.

The Motobilt TJ/LJ light bar mounts extend to the top of the windshield frame to provide full protection. To extend the LED light bar mounts to the top of the windshield frame and keep a tight fit we had to add an additional bend half way up the mount. The mounting point at the base of the mounts feature spacers welded in place to stand the mount off the windshield frame. This allows the mounts to be spacer off the windshield frame and allow the wiring for the LED Light Bar to pass down behind the mount. Please note not all wiring harnesses will fit. You will need to test fit to make sure the wire fits loosely behind the bracket during the install process. Mounting the brackets is a simple process. The mounts bolt into the upper half of the Jeep TJ/LJ windshield hinge. The light bar mounts are shipped bare steel. You will need to paint or powdercoat them before use. The mounts ship with button head bolts and washers.


  • 52 inch front LED light bar mounts
  • Fits 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ
  • Designed with 3D CAD Software
  • CNC laser cut
  • press brake formed
  • 3/16 inch high strength steel plate
  • Integrated and welder spacers on the back side
  • Extend to the top of the windshield frame
  • Spacers at the base hold part off windshield frame and allow wire to pass down behind the mount
  • Works with LED Light Bars with mounting width of 52 inch
  • Includes Hardware
  • Sold as kit
  • Weight = 15lbs


  • Bar mounts ships bare steel, paint or powdercoat needed before use
  • Not all wiring harnesses will fit
  • Make sure to test fit to make sure the wire fits loosely behind the mount during the install process
  • Purchase MB2033 if you want the lower cube mounts

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