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Avoid a Nightmare With Motobilt Heavy Duty Front Lower Control Arm Mounts

If you're planning to hit the trail in your rock crawler, have you planned for the unexpected? You installed that awesome Motobilt Crusher Series bumper, bolted on some heavy-duty rocker guards, maybe even added a skid plate to protect the undercarriage.

What about the suspension system? It's going to take a beating on the trail, hitting all manner of things and being twisted. If you have the factory Jeep lower control arm mounts, things could go wrong in a hurry. The factory mounts are made of thin, weak metal and are easy to bend or tear off entirely and then that's it: the fun is likely over for the day, after you waited so long to get back out on the trail. You can go from this:

To this in a moment's notice:

These brackets get hit more than anything else when you’re out on the trail, with the diff covers being a close second. And if they break or get ripped away like the photos show, it can result in extremely costly repairs, with the possibility of damaging the drive shaft, oil pan, shocks, fenders and even the fuel tank.

With a little time and effort you can head off the nightmare before it becomes reality and save yourself potentially thousands in repairs with the Motobilt Heavy Duty Front Lower Control Arm Mounts for Jeep TJ / LJ / XJ / ZJ.

Precision cut from P&O 1/4" steel, the Motobilt front lower control arm mounts give you more peace of mind on the trail, knowing that they're much more resistant to damage than the factory mounts. They even fit Rubicon models. Our mounts are both thicker and stronger than the weak factory mounts. We offer them with and without cam slots to fit your needs. They're priced right, too. With a bit of time and a comparatively tiny financial investment, you could be out there on the trail breathing easier and having more fun, and your bank account doesn't take a potentially heavy hit.

And once you've beefed up those control arm mounts, why not invest in a Motobilt HD Diff cover? Stick with Motobilt and one step at a time you'll have yourself a rig that can take just about anything.

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