Jeep JK/JKU 07-18

In 2007 Jeep changed many things when the JK and JKU Wrangler were released.  The thought of a 4 door Jeep previous to this was very odd.  To some the thought of a 4 door Jeep was funny and had no place in off-roading.  In the early years of the JK platform mostly bolt on accessory companies paid attention to the new release from Jeep.  The hardcore offroad crowd remained focused on the Jeep YJ, TJ and tube buggies.  The Jeep JK and JKU was manufactured from 2007 through 2018 (partial year in 2018 when the Jeep JL was released).

With the launch of the JK there was a pivot from a secondary vehicle mindset to a primarily vehicle mindset.  More people were buying the JKU for an everyday driver.  The JKU offered more room for daily life of commuting to work, the grocery store and getting the kids to school. With the changes Jeep became a great platform for weekend adventures and going about daily life during the week.  Jeep clubs started to spring up all over the US and a new Jeep enthusiast type was on the scene.  More bolt on products were flooding the market to include bumpers, light bar mounts, and more.  Over time as older models of the JK/JKU were getting cheaper in the used market the hardcore wheelers began building JKs.  One ton axle conversion parts, custom suspension, roll cages and more started to be offered like what was previously only seen with the YJ and TJ market. 

Here at Motobilt our goal is to service multiple customer types.  We offer bumpers and other products for the Jeep enthusiast who wants to add some protection and beef up the look of their Jeep.  We also cater heavily to the DIY fabricators and custom shops who are building highly custom suspensions, steering, roll cages and more.  The Builder Parts section of our website is a place where many of these products can be found.

You should also check out the Builds section of our website.  We have some JK builds that range from mostly retail bolt on type products to heavily modified rock crawler builds with one ton axles.  Check out the Black JKU Project to see a very extensively built Jeep.

If you need assistance picking out products for your Jeep JK please contact us.  We can advise you on bumpers or custom fabrication. We appreciate your interest in Motobilt.