Diff Covers

Diff Covers


    Have you ever slammed a rock when off-roading and been worried about knocking a hole through your diff cover?  I have personally had something like this happen. During my college years I had a full width axle Jeep YJ for an everyday driver.  I backed into a big rock one weekend and bent the factory diff cover into the ring gear.  You can imagine what happened, the ring gear rubbed a hole through the diff cover.  As luck would have it I found out about the failure an hour into a 3 hour drive back to college.  If there had been heavy duty diff covers available back then the problem would have never occurred. 

    I started another company (Blue Torch Fabworks) in 2001 and one of the first products I designed and offered was fabricated heavy duty diff covers. The diff covers we developed back then spread across the offroad market quickly.  Now many different companies manufacture similar covers.  Some claim all sorts of things about their covers. I have been building them for close to 20 years.  I stand behind the diff covers we manufacture here at Motobilt.  Our warranty on them is simple... if you break it we will replace it. Take a look around at the Motobilt Diff Covers.  We have a variety to choose from covering the popular axle housing.  If you have any questions please contact us.

    All Motobilt diff covers are manufactured in house.  We design each of the covers in a 3D CAD design program to ensure proper fit.  We laser cut them and formed them here at Motobilt paying close attention to the design process all the way through the shop.  You business is appreciated. 

    -Dan DuBose