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Bend-Tech Tube Dragon arrives at Motobilt

The new CNC plasma tube cutter known as the "Tube Dragon" has arrived at Motobilt. The Bend-Tech Dragon A400 is a commercial grade CNC tube cutting, engraving, and marking machine. With the help of the Dragon software, the Dragon A400 series is able to engrave and mark precise bending locations & rotation values onto the tubes. These compensate for your material's stretching and allow for flawless line-ups in your bender. It can also draw saddle marks where tubes will intersect for quick and accurate assembling. Using the Tube Dragon in conjunction with our Ercolina rotary tube bender we will be able to increase production, hold tighter tolerances, and develop new products. Our motto is cutting edge offroad design so when we talked to the guys over at Bend-Tech we knew this would be a great fit. We will also be able to take on more industrial applications too. If you have any questions please send us an email at

The unit was packaged very well with a full crate.


We opted for the 24" long model.


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