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Customer Spotlight: Brady's YJ

Brady bought this 1992 Jeep YJ brand new and has put 400,000 + miles on this beast. It still runs the factory 4.0 I-6 engine, AX-15 transmission and an NP231 with SYE kit. A 1979 Ford Dana 60 front keeps the front end together, while a GM 14 bolt rear rounds out the back. The Jeep rolls on a set of 42" Iroks on 17" Hutchinson bead locks. A 9,000lb Super winch is in place just in case he ever needs it. Brady is an electrician by trade, but wanted a high end custom suspension on his Jeep that he could build himself. This past winter he ordered up a host of Motobilt goodies and was even wrenching on it all they way to Moab, Utah for its first test run. Brady says that with the help of the Motobilt crew and its parts it was possible for him to build exactly what he wanted. Although he had to work out some electrical issues on the trail he says he had blast down in Utah and never even had to use his winch! According to Brady that's quite a bit different then the first day he drove his YJ off the lot and proceeded to get it stuck in a huge mud hole. The Jeep is centered around the Motobilt Jeep YJ 4 Link kit The bracket system allowed Brady to build a race ready suspension in his garage as all of the details of a custom link suspension are already laid out. All he had to do was bolt the kit to the existing skid plate mounting holes to get everything in position so he could break out the welder and get to work! The YJ needed more room for those massive 42" tires so he decided to stretch his wheel base with his new suspension setup! In order to make room he installed a Motobilt Jeep YJ back half kit This not only gave him a super strong rear bumper it also provided the necessary room for those sweet ORI struts. With as much of a stretch as he was running that stock pathetic fuel tank had to go! In its place he installed a brand new Motobilt Jeep YJ behind the seat fuel cell The tank holds approximately 15 gallons of fuel and is designed to sit right behind the factory seat!
Keeping everything attached is a complete Motobilt rod end link package. hooked up to a set of Motobilt Link tabs

If his engine doesn't make it another 400,000 miles, then Brady plans to swap in an LS 6.0, TH400, and Atlas transfer case. Either way Brady and his YJ will be out on the trails having a blast. As I paraphrase Brady, "If you don't break something, then your not really wheeling!" Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks If you would like to have your rig featured next please send an email with photo's to
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