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Customer Spotlight: Nick's CJ-7

Whether your driving around town or on the the trail, you will be saturated by the presence of the new Jeep JK. They are great Jeeps and extremely popular. You can modify them to no end and have one of the baddest jeeps ever made, but their is something to be said for old school iron. Jeeps have been made since the 1940's and the Jeeps of today owe their lineage to them. One Michigan Jeep owner, Nick Delise, still adheres to that Jeep heritage with his 1985 Jeep CJ-7. Nick wheels at several off road parks and state trails with his friends from Essayons Offroad. He's owned several Jeeps over the years including a 1998 TJ, 1995 YJ, and a 1976 CJ-7. His family was always into off roading but mainly vw sandrails, dune buggies, or mud trucks. Nick broke from the mold though with his Jeep obsession. Nicks Jeep has a propane powered I-6, T5 manual, and Dana 300 with twin sticks. He still uses the original dana 30 front and model 20 rear. Though he did upgrade the rear with one piece axles and a locker. Up front nick runs a high clearance Motobilt stubby bumper with stinger and in back a heavy duty Motobilt cross member. One day he would like to build some Dana 44's so he can run 37" tires and eventually a v-8. If your in Michigan keep an eye out on the trails as you just may run into him. Oh and his favorite ice cream is cookie dough!
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