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Dracula says if you miss this sale, it would really suck

*This is an old article and the sale has ended. (Dracula would like to know if you missed it or not.)
We have added new DIY Beadlock kits and Rock Rings to the Website.


Motobilt DIY Beadlock kits are available in four different designs in 17" wheel sizes for steel wheels. Motobilt DIY Beadlock kits are cut from 3/16" high strength steel on both the inner and outer rings with optional 1/4" high strength steel plate for the outer ring and optional anti-coning rings. The inner ring sits in the lip of the wheel insted of on top for better centering.

 Motobilt Wheel Reinforcing Rock Rings are designed for the Method Racing Standard wheel. The ring uses the existing bolt holes in the simulated beadlock wheel to bolt onto the outside of the wheel to protect the wheel from scratching or being hit on rocks. It also gives the otherwise "standard" wheel a unique outer ring to set your wheels apart from others. Ring may be painted to match or a painted/ powder coated a coordinating color of your choice.


Motobilt Jeep JK Rear Bolt-On D-Ring Mounts is designed for those not wanting to run a rear bumper. Jeep JK and JKU Rear Bolt in Shackle Mounts are 3/4" thick high strength steel plate extending all the way into the frame rail on the rear of the Jeep JK and JK Unlimited.



** Discount code "HALLOWEEN" is eligible on Motobilt branded products only. Code not combinable with any other sale, discount or offer.

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