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Exploding Our Email List with Vyper

On August 15, 2016, Motobilt began searching for a way to organically build our Mailchimp email list. We signed up with two separate email building viral contest software companies. Choosing Vyper over their competitor was a simple task. Vyper offered three subscription options: Free, Pro and Enterprise. A mere $30 a month would be a drop in the hat if we could generate the number of emails they advertised. The kicker? If we weren’t happy with our giveaway results, we could downgrade our subscription and owe nothing monthly. On August 16th, Motobilt signed up to be a Pro customer and created our first giveaway.


Creating the giveaway was simple. Simply click on “Create New Contest” and follow the step-by-step instructions. There was also a tutorial video for pointers. We decided to give away a Motobilt bumper. This opened up our audience to anyone who owns a Jeep as we custom manufacture front and rear bumpers for the Jeep JK, CJ, TJ, YJ and LJ. We added a countdown timer to the giveaway and offered additional entries to anyone who interacted with us on multiple social media platforms.



We frequently send out emails to subscribers with Motobilt contests, news, projects, shop work, etc. Vyper was able to connect directly with our email client and import each email address we acquired into our existing email client directly. Talk about easy, and all for $30. With sixteen days in the giveaway, it was time to sit back and watch the magic.


How did we promote our free bumper giveaway? We created a blog post on and began sharing that post on every social media avenue we possessed. We advertised the Motobilt bumper giveaway on our personal and business Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, various Facebook groups we are members of and online forums where we are active. We also sent out three to four email blasts throughout the giveaway to let our subscribers know about the giveaway.


Are you still with me? Good, because this is where the magic happened. When someone entered the giveaway, they had the option to earn extra entries by sharing the giveaway and having friends sign up under their personal giveaway link. Entrants were also able to earn extra entries by liking the Motobilt Facebook page, sharing the contest, liking the Motobilt Instagram page, following Motobilt_Inc on YouTube and Twitter. We had two contestants earn 900+ entries. That means people were sharing our giveaway without us having to lift a finger. We True organic sharing is difficult to come by these days, but we have found a loophole. We like loopholes.


When the giveaway ended, we posted up on Instagram and Facebook that we would be announcing the winner LIVE on Facebook the next day. We built anticipation by announcing when we would pick the winner.


Results? I knew you were going to ask that. We added 4,290 emails to our subscriber list in 15 days. That is approximately 286 NEW email addresses per day. Imagine how excited we were to log in to our Vyper Dashboard a few hours after launching the giveaway and see the numbers skyrocket. Our email subscriber list isn’t the only thing we saw skyrocket. Motobilt YouTube subscribers increased by 2,000%. We saw significant increases of Facebook likes on the Motobilt Facebook page and followers on Instagram. In the end, our giveaway had 45,151 views; and remember, all of this for $29.99. Imagine if you would have had to use advertising dollars to gain that much exposure…


We are elated with the results we received from partnering with Vyper. We plan to run another giveaway in the near future and look forward to new ideas and products they have to offer.

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