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Jeep JL Rocker Guards & Steps Just Released

The first new product released is the Jeep JL Rocker Guards and Jeep JL Rocker Guards With Steps.  Made from 3/16" laser cut and cnc plate steel these rockers are built to fully protect your new Jeep JL Unlimited from anything you throw at them.  Rest assured that your Jeep will stay safe out on the trails.  The Motobilt rocker guards mount to the side of your body with the provided riv-nuts and counter sunk hardware for a flawless install.  These rockers are shipped bare steel so they can be easily customized to your exact needs.  Click here to see more!


Motobilt is also offering the Crusher Series of rockers which not only protect your Jeep from the trails but also provide a complete step for those slippery conditions off road. The Crusher Series provides the same body panel protection as the rocker guards but goes a step further by providing a full step that wraps under neat your jeep fully protecting the underside all the way to the frame rails.  These steps mount to the side of the body with the body armor using riv-nuts and hard ware that are provided with the kit.  Also the step portion that wraps underneath the jeep mounts to all 3 body mounts making these the strongest steps for your Jeep JL Unlimited.  Click here to see more.



The slots on the underside of the steps have 2 different functions.  The first is they provide a mounting point to safely use a high lift jack when out on the trails.  Simply insert the jacks lifting point into the slot that is best suited for our needs and with 5 to choose from on each side your find the perfect balance.  The second function is to allow easy clean up when the trail gets a bit dirty.  


Whether you choose the standard rocker guards or the Crusher Series with the built-in steps both come with the necessary hardware and as complete pair.  All of the hardware used is counter sunk so the bolts are flush when installed providing a super slick look.  The only thing you need to do is paint them and install. These are designed to fit the 2018 and up Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited.

One of the best features of the Motobilt Crusher Series of rockers with steps is their high clearance step.  Most steps are great to help you get in and out of the Jeep but they hang down well below the body line of the Jeep and are the first thing to hang up on off road.  The nerf bar types of step are typically made from tubing no thicker than your factory exhaust pipe and once they hit a tree, rock, or the dirt they crumple.  The Motobilt Crusher Rocker Guards with steps are made from 3/16" steel plate and are tucked up high to keep them away from obstacles.  This high clearance design keeps your Jeep from snagging on obstacles and moving on down the trail.  If you do manage to hit them on the trail there is no worry as they are built to take the abuse and keep your Jeep safe from any obstacle. 


Click here to see more!

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