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Job Openings at Motobilt - Aluminum Tig Welder & CAD Design Assistant

Motobilt is hiring and looking for the stuff of legend

Aluminum Tig Welder in Ozark, Alabama.

The following need not apply:
1. You have no aluminum tig welding experience.
2. You always wanted to try aluminum tig welding, but you never have.
3. You've never heard of dabbing.
4. You think walking the cup is risqué, and used in aluminum tig welding.
5. You are unwilling to work in Ozark, AL.
6. You are a horse who died his hair colors and put a road cone on your head.
7. You've had 8 jobs in the past 6 months.
8. You were recently tested positive for the coronavirus - JUST KIDDING - Kind of...

If none of these points apply to you, please send your resume with salary requirements to

CAD Design Assistant in Ozark, Alabama.

If you hate designing killer products for Jeeps then this job is not for you, otherwise, click here to find out all the specs and details and apply! You'll get to work with 2D & 3D CAD software every day designing Motobilt quality parts, and it's tough to find a cooler job than that, plus you might get to meet an aluminum tig welder that dabs with the best of them. 

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