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Local Trade School gets CNC Plasma Table

About a week ago, Dan DuBose dropped off the Motobilt Lincoln Electric Torchmate 4800 at the local Houston County Career Academy. The Houston County Career Academy is a 70,000 sq ft facility with 15 classrooms. The main focus is work-based learning through programs such as: automotive service, education, fire science, health science, industrial systems, IT, pr-engineering, welding, etc. The high school welding program is doing good things for these young people. This new school is operating in it's first year, and Dan believes it's a great thing for the kids and the local community. The school didn't have it in their budget to get a CNC plasma table, so Motobilt stepped their game up at no charge. We are not only leaving our plasma table at the school, but Dan and others from our team at Motobilt will be helping out at the school to train the welding and pre-engineering students on the equipment. We are doing this free of charge. Our owner, Dan DuBose is truly passionate about educating younger generations, stating that "If we impact one student's life and elevate them to a higher level it will be worth the effort and expense we invest in them." We challenge more communities and businesses to take interest in local high school level trade schools. Not all kids will go to college. More importantly it is getting very difficult to hire people with trade skills and/or technical skills. Pay it forward!!! Invest in something other than things and money. Invest in people.

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