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Motobilt builds a 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon

We have acquired a brand new 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon which will soon become a test bed for tons of new Motobilt products!  We have been testing it out for both its creature comforts, drive, and off road worthiness.  So far the new interior setup not only looks great and also feels as if there is more room for the driver.   We will be updating this post regularly.

One of the first items we will be manufacturing s new Jeep JL bumpers.  We will have a Jeep JL front bumper and Jeep JL rear bumper. 

Check out some of our pics for now and be sure to subscribe as we post new products for the JL.

The stock tire setup showed great flotation on the sand easily traversed the river banks.

The JL’s interior is quite an improvement as are the doors. No more slamming them shut.

The cool new vented side fenders also help keep the hood flutter down at high way speeds.

UPDATE! 3/14/18

We installed a set of 37″ Maxxis Trepador’s on the JL without any lift and they fit!  The Rubicon model’s front fenders are approximately 1″ higher then the standard JL.  While the tires did fit and drove down some moderate trails I would definitely suggest some bump stops before you hit any real trails.   Also we removed the factory front bumper as the tires would hit the valence when turning.  You could cut this but we are designing new Motobilt bumpers so this problem will be solved.  We used a set of 17″ steel wheels that had been converted to beadlocks using our DIY beadlock kit which can be purchased here!


The 37″s Trepadors are awesome but we new from the beginning this Jeep JL had to have some 40″ Trepadors.  We wanted to install a set of Raceline aluminum beadlock wheels, so we rounded up a set of 17×9.5’s and had them custom powder coated.

Next up was how to fit these massive meats.  We installed a basic 2.5″ spacer lift kit to get by until some of our friends in the industry finish their more complete lift kits.  

As you can tell the Motobilt Jeep JL grew up quite a bit but even with the 2.5″ lift and Rubicon flares it still needed some more room.  We removed the inner liners on the front and rear fenders which includes the turn signal on the front fenders.  This provided a lot more room and we plan on building parts to clean up all of this and re incorporate a set of turn signals.

While we were at it we went ahead and developed a prototype tag relocation kit that incorporates the rear mounted back up camera.  We are making revisions but this new setup should be one of the first new Motobilt parts available at  We will announce its release onto the website very soon so make sure you stay tuned. 

Update 3/26/2018

We added a Warn Zeon Platinum series winch.

A Factor 55 fairlead mount was installed

The JL Crusher includes a built in skid plate that works with the factory Rubicon sway bars.

The lower slots act as high lift jack lifting points.

The ends of the bumper wrap around to protect the full length of the grill but still maintain the greatest amount of clearance.

Update 4/10/2018

Dan has been hitting some local trails and dirt roads testing out the Jeep JL.  The new 8 speed automatic improves the power to the wheels.

As you can see the rear bumper was removed as we are in the process of designing a new custom Motobilt version.

We have been trimming around to make more room until our final full lift kit arrives.

I have to say I really like the new body lines of the JL in the back.

Our spyder webshade should be here soon


Update July 27, 2018

So we decided the JL needed some more protection up front.  We upgraded our Motobilt Crusher with a bull bar!

The added protection is awesome and it looks cool as hell too.  



Motobilt is known for making indestructible diff covers so we had to design a set for the new Dana 44’s that come in the Jeep JL Rubicon.

The front and rear diff covers are different so make sure to order the correct one.  The Jeep JL Rubicon Dana 44 rear cover is shown below.

Both diff covers feature massive 3/8″ thick laser cut rings to keep the cover from peeling back like the factory soup can covers would.  Next a 1/4″ thick cnc bent shell is welded inside and out which is one of the reason’s these impressive covers come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Next we had to install the Jeep JL Rubicon Dana 44 front axle diff cover.  Click Here!


Another new product for the Jeep JL was also tested out on the Motobilt JL.  The new Crusher rear bumper with cutout for a spare tire.

Be sure to keep us we add more to this awesome Jeep build!

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