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Motobilt Dealer Spotlight: Rock Your 4x4

Jason Rogers took his automotive diesel degree and his passion for all things off road and opened up Rock Your 4x4 in 2004. His shop specializes in builds that will work off road but also drive down the highway. Located in Knoxville, TN he has built a reputation as the go to off road shop. Jason beats on his JKU with 1 ton axles and 40" tires quite often but still drives it on the road.

Rock Your 4x4 has been a Motobilt dealer for a while now and has used our JK bumpers, builder parts, and old school Jeep parts too. Just recently he completed a super sweet Jeep CJ-7 on one ton axles using a whole host of Motobilt parts. In the front end a Motobilt Jeep CJ full width kit was installed to locate the massive full width axles.

To help clear the larger tires a Motobilt Jeep CJ rear stretch kit was utilized to gain approximately 6"s of wheel base. The kit moves your shackles to the rear of the new cross member. You can simply run a set of XJ rear springs or opt for a set of Motobilt brackets to move the frame mounted spring hangers forward.

Once the stretch is completed there is no room for the factory fuel tank so a brand new Motobilt 15 gallon fuel cell was installed into the back of the Jeep bed. The Motobilt fuel cell mounts were also used to ensure a save and secure mount.
If your looking for an authorized Motobilt dealer in the Knoxville, TN are then give Jason at Rock Your 4x4 a call today! 865-687-5888
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