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Motobilt High Lift Jack Mount

Whether you have a Jeep, a work truck, or a race car, you need to check out the Motobilt High Lift Jack Mount

    A high lift jack is one of the best and most useful tools to have with your rig.  You can lift your rig up in just about any type of terrain.  They can be used to fix your truck or trailer on the work site, your flat on the trail or your busted axle shaft out in the desert. 

    While the high lift jack is an amazing tool, it is rather large and heavy.  This can make it difficult for you to take it with you, considering it needs to be secured quite well.  The last thing you want is a large, heavy, metal jack bouncing around your rig. 

    Motobilt has designed this high lift jack mount to exceed your expectations. It is constructed of 3/16" P&O steel plate that is CNC cut right here in the USA.  The Motobilt design encapsulates the base of the high lift jack entirely.  The mount is designed with 7 different bolt holes that allow you to mount it on just about anything and in any position.  You can even weld the mount directly to your setup for a more permanent mounting location.

    These jack mounts have been mounted to trailers, the wall of our shop, the back of a Jeep’s bumper and the roll bar of your cage.  The possibilities are endless.

Go check out the Motobilt high lift jack mount by clicking HERE.

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