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Motobilt is growing fast

*This is an old article and Motobilt no longer uses this service.

Motobilt is growing... fast.

We need to hire dependable employees and have exhausted many avenues in our desperate search.

We post positions on Indeed, Facebook and the like requiring technical experience (welding, grinding, machine work, etc.) and receive a 1/2 page document showing a work history of three months in a job with absolutely no relevant experience (grill cook, cashier, etc.).

We recently learned about a new way to connect Employers with Employees. HeadHunter is a fun new application where Employers can post video job ads and SHOW you the job they are hiring for, instead of tell you on a lengthy job ad. Job seekers can also post videos of themselves detailing what kind of position they are looking for and the experience they have in that field.

The app is available on Iphone and Android and is FREE to job seekers. If you are looking for a position or considering a career change, We would encourage you to download the app on your phone and see what it has to offer.

Keep in mind, this is a brand new way of hiring. There aren't many people utilizing this software. Motobilt, a leader in innovation, will be posting ads on HeadHunter and exploring a new hiring alternative to traditional resumes and phone interviews.

We look forward to making many new hires with HeadHunter.

*This is an old article and Motobilt no longer uses this service.


If you are looking to apply, please visit here or email your resume to


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