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Motobilt Jeep TJ 4 Link System is finally here

It is finally here.  Motobilt is releasing the Jeep TJ 4 link conversion kit.  This is not a bolt on kit it requires welding to install.  This kit was first developed 3 years ago on a Jeep YJ.  The design comes from more than a decade of fabricating custom Jeep 4 link suspension.  While Dan DuBose owned and operated another world leading shop in the offroad community he thought of doing this style kit.

During the time he waited out a noncompete agreement from selling the previous company the thought become more and more real to make a kit like this.  A true builder's kit to allow the fabricator to build out a project faster and more consistant.  The kit is deisgned to run a wide range of axles, wheel bases, and drive train combinations.  This Jeep TJ 4 link suspension kit is the base to build from.  It does not include other compenents as the installed determines what axles will be used at which point the parts list may change.  We do provide many products to complete this project. 

The kit design has been used in the harshest of offroad races, the world famous KING OF THE HAMMERS.  Keith and his crew have been racing in Ultra 4 for more than 2 years with this kit.  Their kit was modified to run the front suspension in a 3 link configuration with a track bar and mechincal linked steering.  This setup would also be utlized for street driven applications.  We can provide info on how to modifiy the kit to fit your application.

One of the concerns we hear from people is the skid plate hangs down.  It does not hang down any more than the factory skid plate and it does not hang down as low as the factory rear suspension link mounting location. What the skid plate and lower links provide in this kit is a flat bottom to the lower links to eliminate "hooks" on the bottom side of the chassis to allow it to more easily slide over rocks. Also keeping to proper link geometry was a major goal of this kit.  If you have questions and/or concerns please give us a call at Motobilt.

The kit includes the left and right side link mount bodies which house upper and lower link mounting points for the front and rear suspension.  You will also receive two weld on plates that attach to the link bodies.  The skid plate included in the Jeep TJ 4 link suspension kit attaches to the weld on plates just mentioned.  You will also recieve the bolts to attach the skid plate. 

Some info about the skid plate.  This is a builders kit and the skid plate does not have mounting provisions in the plate because so many different transmisiions could be used.  We recommend fabricating a mount to not attach to the bottom skid.  In this case you can remove the skid to service the transmission, transer care, driveshafts, and more without the need to support the drivetrain.

The parts are CNC laser cut and formed on a hydraulic press brake.  The assembly bodies ship out welded and ready for the installer to position on the Jeep TJ frame.  The parts locate off of the existing Jeep TJ skid plate bolt holes.  It DOES NOT bolt on.  The bolt locations are to hold it in place while the installer works on the install.  The parts do require welding to the frame rain to complete the installation process.

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