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Motobilt Labor Day Sale

*This is an old article and the event has ended.

Friday, September 2nd, Motobilt will be hosting a "Deal of the Hour" Sale you won't want to miss. The sales will begin at 9:00am CST and end at 5:00pm CST. A different product will be heavily discounted every hour on the hour.


The catch? You will have only one hour to head over to and purchase the "Deal of the Hour" and you won't know which part will be featured until the beginning of that hour. When the hour is over, the part will return to its original price and a new deal will start. Due to the extreme discounting of products, Motobilt will not honor sale prices after the sale is over. Be there or be square.


How will you know what parts are featured and when? We will be going LIVE on Facebook every hour beginning at 9:00am CST, so be sure to tune in. Here we will announce the featured part and its special price. Our e-mail subscribers will also receive hourly e-mails on Friday letting you know the "Deal of the Hour".

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