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Motobilt Launches Brand New Contest

*This is an old article and the event has ended.

Today we launched a brand new Motobilt contest. A chance to win one of three great prizes:

  • First Place: $500 Motobilt gift card (1 winner)
  • Second Place: Prize pack consisting of our new Motobilt Silhouette Bumper Hoodie, the Motobilt Fire Pit and Fire Poke (1 Winner)
  • Remaining 48 winners: Early access to Motobilt's Black Friday sale. 

Fifty (50) winners in all! If you haven't signed up yet, well what in the world are you waiting for? 


Sign up here!


We love our Motobilt customers, fans and followers and wanted you to have a chance to win big even before the awesome savings that will happen starting on Black Friday, so we put this contest together. Hunter Sainee and me came up with the idea, and the Big Boss, Founder Dan DuBose said 'run with it,' and so we did. We wish you all the best of luck! Five hundred big ones goes along way toward our Motobilt Jeep bumpers, Jeep body armor, full-width axle kits, front and rear frame kits and everything else we offer for Jeep models.

And even if you don't place first or second, you still have a chance to get a head start on Black Friday, which you'll need, as the orders will come in fast and our team will be doing everything we can to get your new Motobilt products to you. 

 So enter today! And remember that referrals gain you the most points. But you don't get the full amount of points unless the people you refer actually sign up, so you've got to GET THEM EXCITED!

So get in touch with all your fellow #Jeeplife friends and get them excited to enter to win. But you better hurry! Only fifty in total will win and the stakes are high already!


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