Professional Jeep Photography of BJKU by James Champion

Professional Jeep Photography of BJKU by James Champion

As a Jeep enthusiast I am sure you take just as many pictures of your Jeep as you do your kids. I know I have driven to specific locations just to get some Jeep pictures. We have a lot of customers who send in fantastic pictures they take while out in the trail or some place that conveys the Jeep lifestyle in the pictures.  We love to share these pictures on the Motobilt social media. 

When we recently completed the Black JKU Build (BJKU) at Motobilt we wanted to make sure we captured the quality of the build and all of the parts we fabricated on the build.  We are located in South Alabama and when thinking about high quality vehicle photography James Champion was the first person that came to mind.  After a quick message on Facebook we had a plan worked out with James Champion to come to Ozark, Alabama and take pictures of our new baby.  LOL, well the Jeep is kind of like a new baby. 

Check out some of the pictures James has taken of the BJKU.  We feel like he did an amazing job capturing how nice the Jeep JKU build came out. During the course of this Jeep build our entire team at Motobilt pitched in to prototype and fabricated many new products.  A lot of the new products we made are showing up in the featured build page titled, Black JKU Build.


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