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STEEL-IT at Motobilt

STEEL-IT is stealing the show here at the Motodome.  With easy application and a smooth finish... STEEL-IT is a noteworthy product to help protect your Motobilt parts with! 

STEEL-IT paint consists of a polyurethane base with a 100% stainless steel micro-flake, which not only makes it extra strong but also weldable. That’s right, you don’t have to strip the paint before you weld.  The stainless steel in the paint that gives it its durability over other paints, makes this paint ideal for off-roading as it can withstand rock chips, flying debris, roll overs, or any other things you face out on the trails.  The paint is anti-corrosive, so it protects from rust as well.

One of the best features that sets this paint apart is the ease of seamless patching. If you do get a scratch in the paint, it is easy to repair unlike powder coating.  Just simply spray over the scratch and it looks good as new. 

If you are working on any project that you know is going to take any sort of abuse, or if you just want a really clean finish, we recommend using STEEL-IT.

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