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Welcome Back, Bobby Cox, Motobilt's Technical Support Manager

Some of you may remember Bobby Cox from years ago when Bobby worked for Motobilt. That was in the early days. Bobby was instrumental along with Dan DuBose and the Team at the time in helping Motobilt grow and rise in the off-road industry. When you've got questions about Motobilt products, Bobby is the man to call! 

Welcome back to Motobilt, Bobby! You were here quite a few years ago during the early stages of the company, correct?

Yes it seemed as if it was ages ago but now that I am back it’s like I never left.

What was it like back in those days, given how much the company has grown?

Obviously it was a much smaller operation as Motobilt was in the developing stages. There have been quite a few changes not only in size, but also the operations have improved exponentially.  We were still trying to figure out a lot of things in the beginning and had to learn quite a lot very quickly.  Now everything is streamlined with each person specializing in their respective field of knowledge and expertise. This proficiency makes work a lot more fun as the stress level is much lower as you can focus on your tasks each day.

Your knowledge of Jeeps is impressive. How long have you been working with/on them?

Well I was pretty much born into the Jeep world due to my father’s passion for them.  I learned how to drive a manual with my dad’s 1995 Jeep YJ when it was snowing one winter when I was 15.  My first Jeep was 1979 CJ-5 with a 304 V-8 with a 3 speed, which evolved into a 1 ton, coil sprung, stretched 20 inches, on 42”s.  

What's your favorite thing about working at The Motodome?

The Motodome is just plain awesome. I love working for a place that is making the parts that I am truly passionate about. I know that our products are amazing and I can take pride in that. The people here in the Motodome are very friendly and share the same passion that I do so it makes coming to work exciting.

Thanks for taking a few minutes, Bobby! Welcome home.

If you've got questions about Motobilt products for Jeeps, rock crawlers, buggies and builder parts for the DYI fabricator, give him a shout by calling Motobilt, and you can also reach him at


1 comment on Welcome Back, Bobby Cox, Motobilt's Technical Support Manager
  • Jessica Porter
    Jessica Porter

    I e known Bobby for a few years now and he’s truly just an amazing person. Knowledgeable in his field and if he doesn’t know, he finds out. I’m so proud of you Bobby!

    August 29, 2022
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