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Regular Inner Fenders vs High Clearance Inner Fenders

Upgrading to 40” tires or larger is a rite of passage for many Jeep enthusiasts seeking the ultimate off-road experience. However, accommodating these behemoths on your rig often triggers a cascade of necessary upgrades. Fortunately, making room for those massive tires just became easier with our latest innovation in inner fender design.

The most common question we encounter is: "How do the new inner fenders differ from previous models?" The answer lies in the flexibility and enhanced clearance they offer. For starters, cutting your fender for installation is optional. If you decide to go this route, you'll unlock up to 1.82 inches of additional clearance at the lower section of the fender well opening.

But that's just the beginning. We've expanded the top inner corner of the fender well by approximately 1.75 inches, ensuring that when you flex those giant tires, they'll clear the top as well. These modifications are game-changers for anyone running 40” or larger tires, setting our inner fenders apart in terms of functionality and fit.

We've also added vents to the front and back while leaving the center section adaptable for those running custom reservoir shocks, allowing for easy trimming for your application. These inner fenders are designed to fit seamlessly with the stock configuration right out of the box. For those with a 392 or Diesel engine, consider our windshield washer relocation tanks to complete your setup. MB5056 - Diesel, MB5066 - JLU 392

For the pinnacle of clearance, pair these with the Motobilt MB1196 or MB1196-A high line fenders, which elevate the top of the fender well about 2.96 inches higher than the factory Rubicon fenders.

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  • Paul Wiseman
    Paul Wiseman

    I need to order the higher inner fenders

    April 11, 2024
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