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What's on it | Red Gladiator Build

List of Parts on The Motobilt Red Gladiator Build with links to products 👇

Tomahawk front bumper: MB1149-BB
Motobilt Windshield Banner: MB0034
High Line Front Fenders: MB1196
Inner Fenders: MB1097
Motobilt Trail Badge: MB0052
Rocker Armor: MB1107
Frame Mounted Rocker Guards: MB1193
Bobbed Bed: MB1178
Receiver hitch for Bobbed Bed: MB1190
Bed Rails: MB1191
Cargo Rack: MB5017
Rubicon front diff cover M210: MB4075
Rubicon Rear Diff Cover M220: MB4073
Skid Plate System: MB1106-2020
3/4” Amber lenses LED lights: MB6501
See the parts live and in action in this video 😎 
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