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How to TIG Weld Aluminum

One of the most difficult welding jobs to hire for is aluminum welding.  We get plenty of people who apply for a TIG welding job and state that they have many years of experience only to find out they can NOT in fact TIG weld aluminum.  Additionally in interviewing people for production MiG welding positions here at Motobilt we often ask if the applicant has aluminum TIG welding experience.  Most look at us as if TIG welding aluminum is super difficult.   

The truth is TIG welding aluminum is not that difficult.  It does require a little different thought process versus pulling the trigger on a MIG welding machine.  Welding aluminum can be learned by those who want to pay attention to what they are doing and perfect the craft. It takes some time practicing to get all of the movements. Aaron at offers a very inexpensive way to see and learn some new TIG welding skills.  I have recommended the How To TIG Weld Aluminum website to some of our staff who are working to master the art of welding aluminum. 

Are you wanting to advance your career by learning additional welding skills?  Invest the one time payment of $65 dollars.  Watch the videos.  Become a student and learn what it takes to throw down with a TIG machine.  I can tell you from personal experience I pay more for those who can weld aluminum proficiently.  


  • Make sure the welding surfaces are very clean
  • Measure your speed and get a rhythm.
  • Move your hands through the weld area before striking an arc
  • Make sure your parts have proper fit up
  • Control the puddle with proper speed and amperage 

Be sure to visit for more info and let Aaron know we recommended his website. 


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