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Motobilt Tech Thursday "Full Width Axle Install"

Jeep YJ Full Width Axle kit install!

When installing the Jeep YJ Full Width axle kit you need to remove the front bumper, steering box, springs, shackles, basically everything from the front of the Jeep. The grille, fenders, etc can all stay on and do NOT have to be removed. We are showing the install on a bare frame so you can see everything clearly. Once you remove all of the components you need to take a flap wheel on a grinder to clean up the side of the frame. You will be welding here and need a good clean and flush surface. The crossmember tube may need to be shaved down so it is flush with the outside of the frame as seen in the picture below.

The next step is to place the side plates up against the frame and use a bolt as shown below to hold them in place. This will allow you to place the front bumper up against the front of the frame horns and keep it aligned. You can then tack weld the front bumper to the frame.

In the next few photos you can see the front spring hanger bracket is tacked into place underneath the frame. There is a small tab on both this bracket and the side plates that will help you to align the lower bracket properly with the rest of the system.

Once these pieces are all aligned, you can weld them to the frame and each other as shown.

You can see the side plate has a tab that lines up with the tab on the spring bucket. The two together is what helps you to set the spring buckets into the correct position.

After all of the pieces have been full welded, you can then install the winch plate on top.

The next step is to locate, mark, and drill the hole for the rear shackle hanger. We provide a sheet metal guide to align your drilling point on the frame vertically. To set the distance from front to back you need to mark the center hole for the rear shackle hanger so that it is 44 - 1/4"s from the center to the center of the front spring eye bolt. You will use a 1.75" hole saw to make the hole for the shackle hanger.

Once the hole is drilled all the way through, insert the tube sleeve inside of the frame so that it is flush on the inside of the frame rail, and then fully weld it on both sides of the frame. Look at the picture below to see how the tube is flush with the inside part of the frame and it sticks out past the frame in the picture above.

The option of bushings and hardware for this kit must be ordered when purchasing otherwise they do not come with the kit. Next is to install the bushings, shackles, and then reinstall the springs and other parts back on to the Jeep.

In the rear we installed a Jeep YJ stretch kit.
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