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Motobilt Tech Thursday "Gear Ratios"

Changing the gear ratio in your axles can sound like a daunting task.  In this week's Tech Thursday article, we will hopefully shed some light on choosing what works best for your rig.

Lowering the ratio of your ring and pinion will net you more torque and power.  It's just like that old 10 speed mountain bike you rode as a kid.  You shift into a lower gear so you can make it up that big hill.

Now many people have the notion that installing lower gears is only for more torque when offroading.  While it is a benefit off road, it is really the most helpful on the road.  Most of you have probably lifted your rig and are running larger tires.  These larger tires are great but they will cause a loss of gas mileage and more wear on components like your transmission.  For example: as you are traveling down the highway, you hit a long steep hill and you just don't have the torque to pull up without down shifting just like on that bike as a kid.  We combat this by installing the correct gear ratio. You can prevent the need to down shift which means you will keep your RPM's lower and put less stress on the vehicle.

The goal is to match your gear ratio choice to your tire size so that it will stay in the same powerband as when it was stock.  You can use the following chart to help you find that optimal ratio for your rig.

If you are often on the interstate at high speeds, then you may want to choose a slightly higher ratio.

If you are mostly in town driving, carry a heavy load, or pull a trailer, then you might want a little bit lower ratio.

We have a few sets of gear options listed here and many othesr to choose from by calling us at 334-219-2333.


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