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Why Replace Your Diff Cover with a Motobilt HD Diff Cover?

Why replace your diff cover with a Motobilt HD Diff cover? We do get asked this question on occasion.

The factory diff covers are too thin for abuse on the trail. One of the common factory diff cover failures occurs when the edge gets peeled up from a rock sliding across the diff. Peeling can cause the differential fluid to leak out unknowingly and the result could be damaging the gears when you hit the road to drive home.

Another failure of factory diff covers are from bending the cover into the ring gear which rubs a hole through. The result here is the same with differential fluid leaking out. One other failure is actually puncturing the factory diff cover with a sharp rock. Again resulting in differential fluid leaking out. Hopefully this explains the need for a heavy duty diff cover. The Motobilt Heavy Duty Fabricated Diff Covers address the failures I have mentioned to ensure your ring and pinion gear sets are well protected.

For a bit more on why you'd want to change out your diff cover, check out the video below by Trails Offroad where Josh installs and reviews our Motobilt diff covers. 

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