Aluminum Cowl Armor for Jeep TJ LJ

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Introducing the Motobilt Aluminum Cowl Armor for Jeep TJ and LJ: Enhance Protection, Elevate Style

Give your Jeep TJ or LJ the added defense it deserves with our premium Aluminum Cowl Armor. Designed to shield the vulnerable cowl area between the hood and windshield frame, this armor is your solution for preventing unsightly dents and damage caused by off-road adventures or everyday usage.

Why Protect the Cowl Area?
The cowl area is a prime target for dents, especially when you're out exploring rugged terrains. Rocks, branches, and other obstacles can strike this exposed region, leaving your Jeep susceptible to damage. Even the simple act of opening a door can result in an accidental collision with the rearview mirror, causing unwanted dings.

Crafted for Durability and Fit
Manufactured right here at Motobilt in the USA, our Aluminum Cowl Armor is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials to ensure uncompromised durability. Each piece is laser cut from robust 3/16" thick aluminum plate, then expertly formed using state-of-the-art press brakes for a precision fit that complements your Jeep's contours.

Customizable Look
The beauty of aluminum lies in its versatility. Choose to embrace the raw aluminum aesthetic or paint the armor to match your vehicle's style. Please note that this is a raw aluminum part, so minor scratches may be present; however, if you ever encounter a scratch, rest assured that it's easy to sand out and restore.

Complete Your Defense
To achieve comprehensive protection for your Jeep TJ or LJ, consider pairing the Aluminum Cowl Armor with our optional side armor plating. (MB1074 for steel, MB1074-A for aluminum) This combination offers a seamless shield that covers both sides of your vehicle, safeguarding it against a wide range of potential hazards.

Elevate your Jeep's resilience while adding an edge of rugged sophistication. Equip your Jeep TJ or LJ with the Motobilt Aluminum Cowl Armor and venture into any adventure with confidence. Get yours today and gear up for off-road excellence.

*Please Note: Side armor plating is available separately to provide enhanced protection to the sides of your Jeep TJ or LJ.*


  • There are a few locations where the back side cannot be accessed so a nut sert is provided and will be used in these locations
  • Drill Bit Size: 5/16” nut serts use a 17/32” drill bit to install.


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