Skid Plate System for Jeep JL 4-Door 3.6L

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The Motobilt Jeep JL Skid Plate System is the most well thought out system in the industry by providing more protection, easy install and flush underside.  We offer a complete 4 skid system where each part bolts together using recessed bolts and completely smooth keyed overlays. There are absolutely no drop down points, bolt heads or lips to catch on obstacles.  Fits Jeep JL 4 door with 3.6L.

NOTE: This skid system will NOT work with the 2021-2023 model JL 4 Door due to engine mount configuration.


  • 3/16 inch steel construction.
  • Large 4 piece design.
  • 1 hour install time.
  • Recessed bolts that self center.
  • Entire system is completely flush.
  • Boat side design.
  • Built in cross member.
  • Large oil pan access panel.
  • Notched ends so that a car lift can still be used for repairs.
  • Individual skids can be removed for repairs and maintenance on your Jeep.
  • Weight: 200lbs (approx.)


  • Steel construction for superior strength.
  • 4 piece design allows for the most protection.
  • Quick and easy install.
  • Flush underside allows you to easily slide over obstacles.
  • Built in crossmember adds strength and rigidity. 
  • Large oil pan access panel allows for clean and effortless oil changes.
  • No drilling.
  • No need to drop or empty your fuel tank.


  • Transmission / Transfer case skid plate
  • Engine skid plate
  • Fuel tank skid plate
  • Exhaust skid plate
  • Hardware
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