In Tank Fuel Pump Extension Kit for Jeep JK/JKU

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Want to reuse your factory Jeep JK/JKU fuel pump/sending unit in a different depth of tank? We have the solution!

This kit allows you to modify the overall depth of the factory fuel pump while still keeping all of the factory functionality of the fuel system.

This kit was developed to work seamlessly with our MB5032 tank & MB5013 tank. Each compatible Motobilt tank has a different tank depth, which is also a different tank depth than the factory tank.

The kit includes a pair of longer steel rods perfectly sized & professionally CNC machined to replace the existing steel rods that connect the upper portion of the factory fuel pump to its base. Also included are longer electrical wires to extend the length of the wiring harness that connects the upper portion to the base. We provide comprehensive detailed assembly instructions to guide you this simply but important modification.


1. Stability. The factory fuel pump should remain in contact with the bottom of your aftermarket tank. This helps with the physical stability of the fuel pump by preventing it from being suspended within the tank. This provides longevity of the fuel pump & helps prevent it from becoming damaged from movement.

2. Accurate "EMPTY" Fuel Level. The fuel level float connected to the base of the fuel pump is best positioned to read when it is located low in the aftermarket tank. It's most important to know when you are about to run out of fuel. An unmodified fuel pump (not extended) when used in a deeper aftermarket tank will only read the fuel level at a higher point in the tank & your fuel gauge will appear to read EMPTY when there is actually plenty of fuel left in your aftermarket tank. Extending the factory fuel pump provides a more accurate fuel level reading for when fuel is low.

3. Reliability. By reusing your modified fuel pump in your aftermarket fuel tank, you ensure you will not receive DTC engines codes, have the same functionality as factory & have the correct fuel pressure to your factory engine (as opposed to replacing your factory fuel pump with an aftermarket fuel pump).

4. Cost. You save money by NOT having to replace your perfectly good factory fuel pump with an aftermarket fuel pump.

5. Reuse Factory O-Ring Seal. No need to mess around with different types of fuel sealants or some hard-to-find aftermarket seal or gasket. This kit reuses the factory o-ring seal that comes with your existing make & model of Jeep JK or JKU from 2007 thru 2018. If you ever need to replace the o-ring seal, you simply replace it with the factory Mopar part.


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