4’’ Inch Round LED Multi-Purpose Tail Lights w/ Rubber Grommets

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The 4” Round LED tail lights are waterproof and multi-function, serving as brake lights, turn signals, running lights and backup lights. Durable with a long life span (potentially 50K hours of use) and bright, they increase the visibility of the vehicle they're mounted on. Easy installation with the included rubber grommets. 

The LED tail lights can be applied to any number of applications from Jeeps to trucks, trailers, campers/RVs and more.  

Sold as a pair, each set includes rubber mounting grommets and wiring pigtail. 

If you are installing this light into a custom application it requires a 4-1/2’ hole.  We like to slightly oversized the hole to make installing the light easier.  For many years we used a 4.5” hole saw to cut the opening into sheet metal to install this type of light.  

This is a universal fit tail light not designed for a specific vehicle. You will have to splice the wiring in during the install to connect the light.  Experience with automotive electrical is highly recommend. 


Wiring Diagram