Wheelbase Stretch Kit for Jeep YJ

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The Motobilt Jeep Wrangler YJ Wheelbase Stretch Kit is a great way to move your rear axle back roughly 6 inches. The Motobilt Jeep Wrangler Wheelbase Stretch Kit is designed to use Jeep XJ rear leaf springs on the rear of your Jeep YJ (1987-1995). Installing this kit moves the rear axle back about 6 inches. The kit incorporates a custom rear bumper and shackle hangers in one part. The shackle hangers are positioned high on the bumper to keep the overall Jeep ride height lower for better center of gravity. The ends of the bumper are tapered in to allow better clearance for the shackles with the rear axle at full droop.

The kit comes with a custom set of leaf spring shackles designed to clear the bumper in the range of movement. The rear bumper also features 3/4 inch thick d-ring recovery mounts that pass through the bumper and welded on both sides. The bumper welds to the back of the factory cross member and has two side frame plates to cover the sides. This kit does include new spring shackles as noted. The shackles are CNC laser cut from 1/4 inch high strength steel plate. The shackles measure 4 inches center to center and do have a 3rd cross bolt for additional support.

Bushings NOT included.


  • Jeep Wrangler YJ Wheelbase Stretch Kit
  • 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ
  • Can also be used on 1997-2006 Jeep TJ when converting to leaf springs
  • The bumper is 3/16 inch laser cut steel plate
  • 3/4 inch thick d-ring mounts
  • Incorporated shackle mounts
  • Moves the axle back 6 inches
  • Measures 42.5 inch wide
  • Includes new shackles and shackle spacer
  • Sold as kit
  • Works perfectly with Rear Stretch Tank and Skid Plate for Jeep YJ part number MB5016
  • Weight: 35lbs (approx.)


  • BUSHINGS NOT INCLUDED. If you require bushings then purchase a bushing kit. PN# “Bushingkit” Only 1 kit is needed.
  • Hardware NOT included qty (6) 1/2”x5” Grade 8 bolts with locker washers and nuts. 
  • We typically use a stock XJ leaf spring in the back and factory YJ springs for the front. 
  • If purchasing new rear springs simply match the height of the XJ springs to that of the front YJ springs.  I.e. 2.5” springs in front, then 2.5” in rear.
  • We offer optional spring hangers (Part #: MB1531) if you prefer to reuse your YJ rear springs, if using XJ springs then these are NOT necessary.
  • Works in spring over or spring under applications. 
  • You do not outboard the springs like you would on the front.  You will cut your spring perches off if necessary on wider axles and weld new ones on in the correct position. 

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Installation Instructions

See one of our customer’s install videos for some tips by clicking here.