Bobbed Replacement Bed for Jeep Gladiator

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Approach and departure angles are vital in off-roading.  The factory configuration of the Jeep Gladiator is great for some applications but when it comes to rock crawling the factory Jeep Gladiator Bed overhangs the back of the Jeep and often drags on many obstacles. Since the release of the Jeep Gladiator 2020 model in 2019, owners have cut and bobbed the factory bed to improve departure angle. Cutting the factory bed is not a weekend project to do on the driveway.  Often times it requires an Offroad professional body shop to shorten the factory Gladiator bed and, even with the factory bed bobbed there are durability issues with the tail lights and thin sheet metal. 

Motobilt has designed and manufactured the world’s first production full replacement bobbed bed kit for the Jeep Gladiator. The bed is constructed of heavy duty steel, eliminating the need for additional body armor.  The Motobilt bobbed bed is the body armor for the Jeep Gladiator.  We tucked the tail lights in to prevent them from being broken when you get into big rocks or trees. The Motobilt Bobbed Bed Conversion for the Jeep Gladiator comes with just about everything you need to make the swap at your home.  Basic hand tools can perform the Motobilt Bobbed Bed Conversion.  Below you will find a list of what is included in the kit as well as features and benefits.

Kit includes: main bed sides, floor panel, bulkhead and tailgate; each laser cut, formed and welded from heavy duty 3/16” steel plate for maximum strength. The inner fenders are fabricated from 11ga steel plate to provide additional gusseting and support adding to the overall strength.  The bed was designed to take a beating when off-roading.  We have also provided mounting points for those wanting to build custom roll bars on the fender tops. The fenders and bumper are also constructed from laser cut 3/16” thick steel plate for ultimate durability. 

Features… the kit is packed with features for both functionality and form. Building a functional product sometimes lacks in form but we wanted to ensure the bobbed bed kit both worked well and looked great. The top bed rail features a slotted bolt hole pattern to allow for many options to be bolted to it easily. For instance, our cargo baskets will bolt on.  You can also directly bolt on lighting for off-roading or the campsite. The steel corners are formed up and over to provide strength for side impacts while adding a stylish bed rail. The tailgate holds your license plate and folds down. The kit includes flush latches, hinges, cables and rubber bumpers. The tail lights are recessed into the corners for extra protection. We include round pop-in style tail lights with reverse lights. Additionally, including in the kit are provisions to mount Max-Bilt or Offroad Only surface mount LED tail lights. The tail light mount also provides a place to mount additional lighting of your choice. We recommend using the Baja Designs Squadron cubes. Both the tail light and accessory lighting are trimmed with aluminum bolt-on rings. To ensure ultimate strength for side loads on the bed we have fabricated bed supports and a full length cross member to take all of the flex out of the bed structure.

The stock Gladiator frame is trimmed approximately 14-5/8” and the total savings in length is approx 18 inches versus the factory bumper and factory bed.

The kit ships to you disassembled and in raw steel form.  You will need to paint and assemble the bed during the install process.  You can either assemble it and then have it painted or you can have the parts painted individually and then assembly.  We chose to assemble ours completely and then paint to reduce the chance of scratching the fresh paint when installing the new bed. We highly recommend the assemble and then paint method. 


The cost of the bed kit is less than what most reputable body shops would charge to cut down the factory bed.  With that said, we put our factory Gladiator bed for sale on social media and sold it in less than 30 minutes for $4000. We recommend you do the same.  Consider putting your factory bed on eBay and/ or social media to upgrade to the heavier duty-and better looking Motobilt bobbed bed conversion. In addition, if you have an aftermarket rear bumper you can sell that as well. 


  • Complete Motobilt Bobbed Bed Kit for Gladiator
  • Tailgate Kit including latches, lanyards, hinges and aluminum license plate trim bezel
  • Tail Light Mount Kit with aluminum trim bezels
  • Round LED pop in tail lights
  • Resistors for factory non-LED tail lights
  • 3/4” LED Side Marker Lights for those who need them
  • Off-road Only License Plate Lights / Third Brake Light
  • Relocation Parts for factory fuel filler neck
  • Roll Bar Plates for inner fenders
  • Bed Stiffeners
  • Front Cargo Tie Down Points
  • Backing Plate for front Motobilt logo cutout
  • Rear Bumper with sensor provisions and backup camera mount
  • Rear Bumper Frame Mounts
  • Rear Fenders
  • Block Off Plate for Gladiators not equipped with 120v bed plug
  • All Hardware needed for assembly and install
  • Provisions for either Gas fuel fillers or Diesel fuel fillers with DEF fluid filler


  • Bolt-on Installation (no welding required)
  • 18” shorter overall (including bumper) than factory
  • Drastically increased departure angle
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Fold down tailgate with automotive grade cables
  • Rattle free adjustment latches with integrated rubber bumpers
  • Recessed LED taillights with reverse lights included
  • Mount for rear facing accessory lights
  • Recessed License Plate 
  • Rear Camera Mount
  • Uses factory fuel filler neck and cap.  No emissions concerns as the fuel system is not modified.
  • Aluminum trim bezels around taillights and license plate for a custom look
  • Rear Bed Stiffeners with tie down points 
  • Forward tie down points to secure your cargo
  • Integrated Slots along top bed rail to bolt on accessories
  • Larger wheel openings for large diameter tires
  • Heavy duty bolt on fenders
  • Heavy duty bolt on rear bumper
  • Rear bumper integrates rear parking sensors
  • Mounting plates for those wanting to fabricate a roll bar or headache rack
  • Bolt on zip tie tabs to help arrange wiring
  • 19.5 cu ft of storage space under the bed rails
  • Complete assembly / install instructions 


  • Minimal rear overhang of body and frame means you can tackle much larger obstacles with substantially less risk of dragging the rear of the vehicle
  • Fast and easy bolt on installation
  • No modifications to the fuel or emission systems (some tabs will be trimmed from the filler neck)
  • Rear bumper park sensor compatible
  • Rear camera is located from the tailgate mount inside the rear bumper which provides more protection and will allow you to run without the tailgate
  • Recovery points in the rear bumper
  • Protected taillights 
  • Heavy duty steel construction to vastly reduce the chance of trail damage 
  • Bolts to factory frame mounts 
  • Easy wiring for LED and non LED Gladiators 
  • Accepts large diameter tires
  • Reuses the factory 120v outlet in the bed
  • Compatible with either Gas or Diesel engine vehicles


  • Weight (Bed) 420 lbs
  • Weight (Fenders) 35 lbs
  • Weight (Bumper and mounting brackets) 70 lbs
  • Dimensions (Bed Exterior) 48.3” L x 64.5” W x 16.6” H
  • Dimensions (Bed Interior) = 45.6” L x 40.6” W x 14.9” H
  • Cargo Capacity 19.5 cu ft


  • Tazer programmer to reprogram the factory computer to turn off lane assist sensors if factory equipped
  • Rear facing accessory lights (Example: Baja Designs Squadrons)i.e. a standard style 3x3 cube light. NOT flush mount.
  • Kit is shipped bare metal and will need to be painted or powder coated to the color the installer chooses.
  • If you are looking to tow we offer an optional receiver hitch for the bed via part number MB1190.

NOTE:  This is a permanent modification to your vehicle.  The factory frame will be shortened.  Check your local laws & insurance company before making modifications.  This system is NOT compatible with optional factory taillight blind spot sensors.  You can turn off the rear taillight blind spot features using a programmable Tazer.  The rear bumper is compatible with the factory rear park assist sensors.  If you are towing then you need to add MB1190 receiver hitch to your order.



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