2 Bolt Flange for Round Tube Choose Size

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Select Tube Diameter: 1.25 Inch
Select Tube Diameter: 1.25 Inch

The Motobilt 2 bolt Flange is sold individually.  The 2 bolt flange is laser cut from 3/16" high strength steel plate.  The bolt hole diameter is 3/8".  The center hole is available in 1.25", 1.50" and 1.75". The tabs are shipped bare steel. Choose the size before checking out.

  • Mb2053-125 center to center 2.75”s
  • Mb2053-150 center to center 3”s
  • Mb2053-175 center to center is 3.25”s

2 Bolt Flanges are used in applications where a tube needs to bolt on and be removable. The 2 bolt flange can be bolted to a flat surface like bumper.  Another option that we use them for is inline in a tube to make a section removable.  An example of this would be making a shock tower brace over the sop of an engine removable.  You would slide 4 of the flanges over the tube.  Once you have your tube welded in place bolt the tabs together in two pairs.  One pair on each side of the section of tube that needs to be removable.  You then weld only one of the tabs in place where you want each of the pairs located.  After one is welded in place you unbolt the side that is not welded.  Slide the two unwelded tabs out of the way.  Use a sawsall or other saw and cut the tube in half right up next to the tab that is welded in place.  ONLY DO ONE SIDE AT A TIME.  Now that one side is cut slide the loose tab back and bolt it back to the welded tab.  The tube will center in the hole in the middle of the tube.  Now weld the tab to the tube.  Repeat this process at the other end.  Once you have them welded you can remove the tube and clean up the ends of the tube and flanges with a sander.