3/4” Amber Lens LED Fender/Side Marker Light (2 pack)

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Both shock and dust resistant, these LED Fender/Side Marker lights are the perfect fit for the brand new Motobilt Jeep JL tail light conversion brackets or for many other vehicle applications. They can be used wherever you need side marker lights.

Other applications include Jeep CJ, YJ, JK, JKU, trailers, hot rods and more. If you have questions about usage be sure to contact our sales staff.

Easily mount them using the built-in rubber grommets on the bulbs. These LED lights are bright, don’t consume much power, and can last potentially tens of thousands of hours.

The hole size is going depend on what you are installing it in.   .75" (3/4") diameter hole is what you need.  On some metal application you may need a slightly larger hole at .78".  Drill a 3/4" hole and use a round file in the hole if it needs more clearance. If you have questions be sure to contact our support staff for guidance.  

Sold as a pair.

Light Color: Amber
Lens Color: Amber
Light Size: 0.8”x 0.8”x 1.1” (L x W x H)
Diameter: 0.8”
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Material: Grommet Housing & PC Len

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