4 Inch Tube Lower Link Mount for Front Axle

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Upgrade your vehicle's suspension setup with the MB1570 Lower Link Mount for the Front Axle, a universal fit solution designed to enhance the durability and performance of your off-road rig. Precision-engineered for those who demand the best in strength and reliability.

This lower link bracket set is laser cut form high strength .250" steel plate and the formed on our CNC press brakes here at Motobilt.  This lower link bracket setup is designed to specifically fit 4" diameter axle tubes. These are the same brackets used for the front lower mounts on the project El-Jefe Jeep YJ build.  


  • Universal: Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for custom builds and modifications.
  • Axle Tube Diameter: Designed for 4" axle tubes
  • Bolt Hole Size: 3/4”
  • Link Angle: These mounts angle inward at 16 degrees. 


  • Proudly Made in the USA: Crafted with the highest standards of quality and durability in mind, ensuring a product that withstands the toughest conditions.
  • Robust Construction: Made from premium materials to offer unparalleled strength and longevity.
  • Dimensions: Each mount measures 3.9" in height, 3.7" in width, and 5" in depth, providing a compact yet sturdy base for your lower links.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 7.8 lbs, these mounts add minimal weight to your setup while offering maximum support and rigidity.


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