Double Triangulated 4 Link Suspension Mounting System for Jeep YJ/TJ/LJ

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One of the most difficult things to determine when building your own double triangulated 4 link suspension is exactly where to place all of the mounting points to provide you with good suspension articulation & correct vertical separation. Correct geometry is everything. We have taken all of the guess work out for you. This suspension system fits the 1987- 1995 Jeep YJ, the 1997-2006 Jeep TJ as well as the Jeep LJ.

The Motobilt suspension mount system will provide you with exceptional suspension travel, it’ll be easy to connect with 1 ton axles, easy to clear engine oil pans, aftermarket engines, aftermarket transfer cases & driveshafts. You can design all of your upper & lower links to be straight, without bends, meaning they will be easy to fabricate.

We have built-in numerous features to not only make it easy & fast to install, but will be easy to service. We provide quick access to major mechanical driveline parts like your aftermarket transfer case & driveshafts by designing the major structural members & skids to be removable.

The removable one piece heavy duty steel skid plate is designed with precision fitment around the front & rear cross members. We have countersunk all fasteners for a true smooth bottom which provides no hang up points for traversing obstacles. The skid plate is quick & easy to remove for maintenance. The skid plate also features weep holes for drainage.

Once the skid plate is removed, you can then quickly remove the new front heavy duty transmission cross member, as well as, remove the X shaped tubular cross bracing. This provides full access to remove the transmission & any aftermarket transfer case.

One of the issues when removing a front transmission cross member is that you have to disconnect the front lower control arms. With every other suspension system currently available, this means your front links will not be connected to the frame & the vehicle cannot be moved. We’ve solved this issue. We provide extra brackets that bolt into place for this type of maintenance. These brackets provide you with a temporary mounting location for your front lower links while the transmission cross member is temporarily removed. You can still move the vehicle around your shop with the front transmission cross removed.

All link mounting points are designed with 5/8” holes through 1/4” thick steel plates. You can drill out the holes for larger diameters, if desired. The inside mounting distance of all link mounting points measure 2-5/8” inside. This is a very common measurement that will allow you to use a variety of quality joints with high misalignment spacers.

Both the front & rear upper link mounts are meticulously designed to exactly fit the profile of the factory frame. Why is this important? The closer the fit, the tighter the gaps & the stronger the connection.

One important note is exhaust clearance.  The upper links are placed in a way to allow exhaust to clear on the non driveshaft side.  On our build we routed the exhaust from the header on the driveshaft side around the front of the engine.  On the opposite side we modified an off the shelf headed to allow the exhaust to exit over the upper link mount where it then mated back up in Y connection.  If you are installing a new engine or building engine mounts we recommend doing so after the suspension is installed so that you can better align the exhaust location where you want it.  

The underside of the entire suspension sits at the same height as the factory skid, meaning zero loss of ground clearance.

  • Front link vertical separation at the frame = 7-9/16”
  • Rear link vertical separation at the frame = 5-3/16”



Product Components


  • Your wheelbase will be determined by how long you build your suspension links in the front and rear.  I.e. Yes you can stretch your wheelbase by building longer suspension links.
  • You do NOT have to remove the body to install.
  • Depending on drivetrain/axle choices a two piece front drive shaft maybe required.
  • If using a rebuildable/cartridge style suspension joint the upper brackets may need to be trimmed for the body of the joint to clear. 
  • Suggested Parts Not Included below:
  • Universal Transmission Cross member kit par number MB3077
  • Rear Axle Upper Control Arm Mounts for Truss MB3049


Assembly Instructions