Ford 8.8 ABS Block Off Plate W/O Vent

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The Motobilt Ford 8.8 ABS block off plate was designed for those who are swapping the 8.8 rear axle into their Jeep. This plastic ABS plug is no longer used when swapping the 8.8 axle into a Jeep. Due to the brackets involved in the 8.8 axle swap often the vent tube on the axle tube is no longer accessible. If this is the case you will need to drill and tap a hole for a vent tube.
The block off plate is made of 3/16 inch plate steel and ships bare metal.

  • Ford 8.8 ABS Block off plate
  • Sold as each


  • You will need to use RTV silicone when installing the plate
  • If drill and tap is needed PN MB4031-TAP