Grimple Step for Rocker Guards

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Grimple... what the heck is a grimple. It is a term we stared posting in Instagram a few years ago and it seems others have started using the term.  It is a dimpled hole with a pattern cut into it.  We cut the hole on the laser and then reverse dimple the hole to make it stick up for providing traction. We offer grimple plates in a different forms in both flat and formed. This Grimple Plate is formed on both ends and is specifically designed to be mounted against a flat surface like a rocker guard and extend out to 1.75” OD round tube. The bracket can be used with 2” tubing if you work the part a little with a grinder to ensure a perfect fit.  The part is laser cut from 11GA steel and ships raw steel. 

Here at Motobilt we are always working to add products to our DIY Builder Parts Section of the website.  For many years we have designed products to make fabricating your vehicle projects easier and with a more professional look when completed.  We manufacture all of our DIY Brackets and Tabs here in house utilizing the latest in fiber laser cutting and CNC press brake forming.  We also offer laser cutting and forming services if you have CAD files to cut. 

Weight = 5lbs

Length 12 inches

Width 3.5 inches