Highline Front Fenders 4" Flare for Jeep YJ

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Upgrade Your Jeep YJ with Unbeatable Strength and Style

Elevate your off-road adventures with the Motobilt Jeep YJ Steel High Line Fenders featuring a striking 4-inch flare. Crafted from robust 3/16-inch laser-cut and CNC-formed steel plate, these high line fenders redefine durability and style in one impressive package.

Solve Problems, Conquer Trails

Bid farewell to flimsy factory fenders that crumble under pressure. Our steel high line fenders address two critical issues: vulnerability and clearance. The thin sheet metal of stock fenders is no match for the challenges of the trail. With Motobilt, you not only gain incredible strength but also amplify your wheel well opening by 2 3/4 inches to accommodate larger tires with ease.

Unleash Key Features and Specifications

Engineered to excel, our high line fenders boast unparalleled features:

  • 2 3/4 inches of extra clearance in the back of the wheel well opening.
  • A 4-inch flare and tapered design for optimal tire clearance and substantial coverage.
  • Revamped vented side plates, meticulously designed to enhance aesthetics and promote heat dissipation.
  • Passenger and Driver Support Brackets for reinforced structural integrity.

Customize Your Adventure

Motobilt empowers you with choice. Opt for the optional battery boxes compatible with Optima or Diehard series batteries, giving you seamless power solutions. Your battery relocation takes center stage, enhancing performance while maintaining durability.

Experience the Benefits

Unshackle your Jeep's potential:

  • Enjoy enhanced tire clearance, strength, and a unique custom look.
  • Our improvements guarantee a superior fit, complemented by vent plates that align seamlessly with your Jeep's aesthetics.
  • The 4-inch flare option offers generous tire clearance and maximum tire coverage.
  • The raw steel construction serves as your canvas—paint or powder coat to match your vision.

For the Trailblazers and Adventurers

Motobilt's Steel High Line Fenders with a 4-inch flare cater to the heart of off-road enthusiasts. Ideal for Jeep YJ owners seeking larger tires without compromising on center of gravity or strength. These fenders deliver a bolt-on design, effortlessly integrating strength and style into your off-road journey.

Unmatched Excellence

Distinguish yourself with fenders that rise above the competition:

  • Crafted from 3/16-inch thick steel, laser cut and CNC press formed for ultimate strength.
  • Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions—no more denting or tearing.
  • Made in the USA with an included steel inner brace structure, setting new industry standards.

Seamless Transformation

Experience a hassle-free installation with our comprehensive instructions, ensuring that your Jeep transforms into an off-road powerhouse in no time.

Rave Reviews Say It All

Motobilt fenders have stood the test of time, captivating a community of off-road enthusiasts who demand only the best. Our dedication to constant improvement ensures that your steel Jeep YJ High Line Fenders exceed expectations, setting the bar for strength and style.

Join the Motobilt Movement

At Motobilt, we're committed to delivering innovation through cutting-edge designs, incorporating the latest technology into every product. Our Jeep YJ Steel High Line Fenders reflect our unwavering dedication to crafting high-quality solutions that enhance your Jeep's performance and resilience for years to come. Conquer the unknown with Motobilt—where strength meets style.


  • This kit is for the fenders only. Aluminum inner fenders are not included but can be purchased separately if needed.
  • Factory inner fenders cannot be modified to fit the Motobilt fenders. Your customization journey is in your hands with Motobilt. Elevate your Jeep's performance and style with confidence.
  • Ships raw steel. Must be painted or powder coated to prevent rust.  See (Steel-It)
  • NOT included but recommended. Motobilt battery box. Optima MB5001 or the Odyssey/Diehard MB5002
  • You will need either relocate/remount your existing hood latches or install hood pins.


Extra spacers are included for those mounting this kit in a custom application.

Product Components


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