Louvered Side Vent Kit for Motobilt YJ/TJ Highline Fenders

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Upgrade your Jeep's functionality and style with the Louvered Side Vent Kit for YJ/TJ Highline Fenders. Compatible with all MB1208 and MB1083 Highline Fenders, this made-in-the-USA kit is an essential addition for any off-road enthusiast looking to combine performance with style. With easy installation and a lightweight design, it's the perfect way to keep your engine cool and your Jeep looking hot.



  • Unique Louvered Style: Elevate the look of your Jeep with this distinctively styled louvered vent kit, designed to add a rugged and functional aesthetic to your vehicle.
  • Reduces Underhood Temperatures: By enhancing airflow through the engine bay, this vent kit helps in lowering underhood temperatures, contributing to better performance and longevity of your engine components.
  • Multi-Piece Allows Customization: The kit's multi-piece design offers flexibility in installation, allowing for a customized fit and appearance that complements your Jeep's unique style.



  • Perfectly fits all MB1208 and MB1083 Highline Fenders, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing setup.



  • Proudly Made in the USA: Crafted with precision and care, this vent kit exemplifies American manufacturing quality.
  • Dimensions: Height: 9", Width: 11", Depth: 0.12", designed to offer significant ventilation without compromising the integrity of your fenders.
  • Weight: At just 1 lb, this kit adds minimal weight to your vehicle, maintaining your Jeep's performance and fuel efficiency.

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