Universal M8274 Winch Mount

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The Motobilt Universal M8274 Winch Mount was designed to work with our MB1021 YJ/TJ/LJ Mid-Width Front Bumper.  With this in mind the M8274 Winch Mount will work with some other bumpers on the market that have a flat top surface without a fair lead mount. We included basic dimension so you can measure your bumper to see if it will work.  

The winch mount was designed using state of the art manufacturing processes utilizing 3D CAD modeling, fiber laser laser cutting and CNC press brake forming.  The winch tray is laser cut from 1/4” thick high strength steel plate and formed here in house at Motobilt. The part ships welded & bare steel.  The installer will need to paint or powder coat to the color of their choice. 

The winch tray features a larger opening to feed your winch hook through.  The bottom of the winch mount is open for those who want to use the cable for a suck down winch.  A suck down winch is simply compressing the front suspension down for the vehicle will perform better in steep uphill climbs. 

Installing the winch tray for the M8274 Warn Winch can be done a couple different ways.  For those with a bumper like the Motobilt MB1021 it bolts to the 4 standard winch bolt holes.  For added strength the installed can add a few welds after it is bolted in place.  Additionally the M8274 universal winch mount can be welded in place onto many different applications like custom bumpers, trailers and more. 

Weight: 10lbs (approx.)

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