Recovery Strap Mounts for MB1115/MB1116/MB1119

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Picture it: You're on the trail having the best day of your life with a few of your Jeeping buddies. It's a balmy 82 degrees. Top down.

You round the last corner & there's that one last mud hole to tackle before it's time to head back to camp for the night. It's a monster of a mud hole.

You're the first one in. Apparently, it's far deeper than anyone remembers. You suddenly find yourself buried up past the bumpers. And your buddy behind you thinks he may have just seen a snake in this muddy quagmire. Great...

Obviously, forward progression is not going to happen. The guys just found a better crossing a few hundred feet down. Guess you're getting winched out.

It's then you realize: I have to somehow find my recovery strap & get it attached to my shackle that is now submerged into something resembling pea soup & smells like a jock strap. And there could be a snake down there. Great...

Does this sound familiar?

Save yourself the trouble next time by installing a set of our Motobilt Recovery Strap Mounts!

Simply connect an end of your recovery strap to a shackle then wrap it around the Motobilt Recovery Strap Mounts. When you get stuck in that next big mud hole, your recovery strap will already be connected & ready to get you out.


  • Ships raw steel. Must be painted or powder coated to prevent rust.  See (Steel-It)


Sold as a set of four (4). Hardware included: Eight (8) 1/4-20 x 3/4” bolts, washers & nylon lock nuts. 

Weight = 4lbs

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