Rockwell Axle Lower Link Bracket Kit

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This premium builder kit consists of four (4) 3/8” thick laser cut steel plates & two (2) 1/4” thick CNC formed steel gussets.  This kit can be used on either the front or rear axle.

These heavy duty lower link mounts are angled at 20 degrees inwards & precisely fit around the square Rockwell axle shape.  The hole size accepts 3/4” bolts.  The axis of the pivot bolts is designed at 2” down from the top of the axle, placing the holes 1/4” below the center of the axle.  The underside of the link plates sit flush with the underside of the axle to provide the maximum amount of ground clearance with the added benefit of providing no low points to hook up on obstacles.  The inside spacing of the link plates is 2-5/8”.  The precision formed steel gusset plates provided with the kit, tie both link plates together with an easy to position & easy to weld “open corner”.

From our years of experience building rock crawlers, we constantly think about you, the builder, that’s why we have even added a relief notch in the link plates to fit over the topside seam weld present on Rockwell axles.  This saves a bit of grinding when prepping your axle for welding.  In our minds, it’s the small details that make this a superior builder product.

This product ships as unwelded raw steel.