Rockwell Upper Link Mount Brackets Tall / Rear or Front

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This premium builder kit consists of four (4) 3/8” thick riser plates, two (2) 3/8” thick inner gusset plates & four (4) 1/4” thick CNC formed steel outer gusset plates.  The vertical separation between the lower link pivots (Kit # MB2124 sold separately) & this rear upper link plate kit is 12” vertically.  The axis of the upper pivot is on center with the axle & is positioned 10” vertically from the topside of the axle.  Inside dimension of the riser plates measures 2-5/8” with holes to fit 3/4” diameter bolts.  The riser plates are designed to straddle three sides of the axle so you can get the most amount of weld for strength.

The inner gusset plates feature keyed slots for interlock positioning with the riser plates.  We could have stopped right there & this would be one of the strongest Rockwell upper link mounts available, however, we took it one step further.  We then completely boxed in the risers & inner gussets with precision CNC formed outer gussets.

Why is this important?

If you’re running heavy duty Rockwell axles on your rig, you’re doing it for the absolute most strength you can get in an axle.  Why shouldn’t the connection between your axle & your chassis be even stronger than the axle itself?  The added benefit of boxing in the whole mount is there are zero areas for mud & water to get trapped creating corrosion.  This also makes cleaning & maintenance a breeze.

No other Rockwell axle link plate kit available on the market features this level of overkill.  Ours does.

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