Skid System for Diesel Jeep JT Gladiator

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Introducing the Ultimate Protection for Your Jeep Gladiator Diesel - The Motobilt Skid Plate System!

We've got some exciting news for all you Jeep Gladiator Diesel owners out there! Introducing the Motobilt Jeep JT Gladiator Diesel Skid Plate System - the toughest, most well-thought-out skid system in the industry! 

What's the Problem It Solves?
Off-roading is a blast, but it can take a toll on your rig, especially the vulnerable underside. Our skid plate system provides complete coverage and protection for critical components like the engine oil pan, transmission pan, transfer case, gas tank, and exhaust. No more worries about damaging these vital parts while exploring the toughest trails.

Key Features and Specifications
- Made in the USA 
- 3/16" Steel Assembled
- Dimensions H/W/D: 15" x 46.25" x 128.5"
- Complete 4-piece skid system with recessed bolts for a smooth, snag-free surface
- Weight: 233 Lbs

The Benefits? It's a Game-Changer!
With the Jeep Gladiator's extended wheelbase, you'll likely encounter rough terrain, but our skid plate system acts as a super smooth slide, allowing you to conquer obstacles with ease. No more pesky cross members getting snagged on rocks and holding you back! We've engineered each part to overlap and be flush, giving your Jeep an unbeatable advantage on the trails.

Who's It For? Everyone!
Whether you're a seasoned rock crawler or a Jeep enthusiast looking to hit the trails for the first time, our skid plate system is a must-have addition for every Diesel Gladiator owner.

What Sets Us Apart?
Unlike other materials, we've chosen tough 3/16" HRPO steel for its strength and ability to slide smoothly over rocks without gouging. Plus, our skid system protects all your critical components, including your exhaust. It's insurance for your Jeep's underside!

Installation Made Easy
Worried about a complicated installation? Fear not! Our skid system bolts right up with minor trimming and you won't need to drop your gas tank or gather multiple friends to help. Basic hand tools and a cutting wheel are all you need, and you'll be back on the trails in no time.

Don't just take our word for it! The Motobilt Jeep Gladiator Diesel skid plate system has undergone rigorous testing in various terrains, so you can trust it to stand up to any challenge you face.

Our Mission
At Motobilt, we're passionate about crafting high-quality products using the latest engineering and fabrication techniques. Each piece of our skid system has been meticulously designed and tested by none other than our owner, Dan Dubose himself!

Important Note
Our skid system will ship bare steel, ready for you to paint. We recommend using aerosol paint for easy touch-ups on the go. Your skid plate will be in the thick of the action, and we want it to look as tough as it performs!

Check out the product listing for a detailed installation guide and more information. Get ready to elevate your off-road game with the Motobilt Jeep JT Gladiator Diesel Skid Plate System!


Fits: Jeep JT Gladiator with 3.0L EcoDiesel


  • Made in the USA
  • 3/16" HRPO Steel Assembled
  • Dimensions H/W/D: 15" x 46.25" x 128.5"
  • Weight: 233 Lbs

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